Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chamber Custom Options

A Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chamber can be customized to an extend that will surprise you! You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to what to add to your vacuum chamber. Below are some of the common ways we customize our vacuum chambers for our clients. These are just examples, if you have an interesting component or idea and you would like to see if you can customize your vacuum chamber, please contact us to find out how we can make it happen.

We do have another write up on Customizing your Acrylic Vacuum Chamber that you can read about by clicking here.

Click on the images and links below to see how you can customize your acrylic vacuum chamber
Add a Digital Vacuum Gauge to your Vacuum Chamber

The accuracy of our Standard Dial Analog vacuum gauge is 2%-3%-2%. If you require your vacuum output to be at a higher resolution and a greater accuracy, we would strongly suggest that you install the digital vacuum gauge.

Upgrade your Vacuum Valve

Every one of our acrylic vacuum chambers comes with 2 x 1/4 inch NPT Valves as a standard These are included without any extra cost to you. However, you may need to change or upgrade the valves. Fortunately, upgrading your vacuum valve is very simple to do when it comes to acrylic vacuum chambers. There are several reasons why you would want to upgrade your vacuum valve.

Add Vacuum Thermocouple feedthroughs to your Chamber

A vacuum thermocouple feedthrough will enable temperature measurement of your specimen inside the vacuum chamber while the chamber is under vacuum without compromising the vacuum performance. You can measure the temperature while the chamber is at ambient, during vacuum pump-down, or deep vacuum.

Add Various Vacuum Ports and Bulkheads to your Vacuum Chamber

Our vacuum chambers can be customized to include additional ports or spare ports on the lid, door, or side walls; space permitting of course. There are several reasons why you would want to include at least a few bulkhead ports onto your chamber.

Install a viewport to your vacuum chamber

If you are looking to increase the visibility into your acrylic vacuum chamber, you will need to go a step further and install a custom viewport. There are several reasons why you would want to install a viewport onto the wall of the acrylic vacuum chamber.

Electrical Wire Vacuum Feedthrough Installation

If you need to run a few wires from ambient into the inside of the acrylic vacuum chamber, the most simple and cost-effective way is to essentially connect a 12, 18, or 22 wire feedthrough. The wires range from #18 Gauge, #20 Gauge, and #22 Gauge.

Install a USB port to your vacuum chamber

The answer is yes, a USB port can be installed. In fact, space permitting, you can install a dozen USB Port onto the wall of you vacuum chamber and run your electrical signals from the outside towards the inside without compromising the vacuum. This is due to the fact that the USB vacuum feedthrough port is leak tight and fully sealed and designed to be operated in vacuum system environments.

Get an Ethernet Port added to your chamber

Yes, you can install an ethernet port onto the wall of your vacuum chamber. Space permitting, you will be able to install as many ethernet port as you require. The Ethernet Ports we provide with our vacuum chambers are designed to be operated inside a vacuum environment without leakage or compromise.

Add a D-Sub Connector to your vacuum chamber

We offer several options when it comes to your Subminiature D connectors. We generally use off-the-shelf Subminiature D vacuum feedthroughs which can be installed onto the walls of your vacuum chamber.

Liquid and Gas Vacuum Feedthrough

You can also connect liquid and gas vacuum feedthrough to your vacuum chamber. If you ever have a need to run a liquid or gas from the outside of the vacuum chamber towards the inside of the vacuum chamber, a liquid/gas feedthrough will allow you to do so.

Triaxial and Coaxial BNC Connector Vacuum Feedthrough

If you need a BNC connector Vacuum feedthrough, you have a few options. We can install a Coaxial or Triaxial BNC connector to the wall of your vacuum chamber so that you will be able to connect from the inside towards the outside without compromising the full vacuum capability of your vacuum chamber.

High Power Vacuum Feedthrough

A high power vacuum feedthrough will enable you to run either high current, or high voltage, or both from the outside of the chamber into the inside of your vacuum chamber. As you know, electrical activity behaves differently inside your vacuum. Conversely, you way want to add a power assembly that you would like to fire up during vacuum applications. One of our clients needed to test their battery cooling capacity under vacuum; as you know, convective cooling gets a little bit tricky under vacuum since less air molecules are present to take the heat away from the heat sink.

Wobble stick and manual manipulation of vacuum chamber interior

A wobble stick or a liner slide will enable you to manipulate vacuum chamber interior while your vacuum chamber is under vacuum. If you are in need of moving, rotation, or flipping your specimen while under vacuum, please feel free to specify your needs and we will be happy to assist your with your requirements.

Electrical NEMA 15 Wall Plug Vacuum Feedthrough

Ever had a need to run a microwave under vacuum? Well, one of our clients had. I am not sure what their needs were, I wonder what vacuum microwaved hot pockets taste like? We also had clients operate a stirrer, heater plates, mixers, and electronics under vacuum.

Vacuum Panel Plate for future Vacuum Chamber Customization

There are many times where you are not fully sure what vacuum feedthroughs you will need in the future. Sometimes you have not received an input from everyone on your team but you do have a general idea on what you would like to have.