Add a Digital Vacuum Gauge to your Vacuum Chamber

Standard Dial Vacuum Gauge

As a standard and without any extra charge, every single one of our vacuum chambers comes with a dial vacuum gauge that shows your vacuum level in inHg (inches of Mercury) and kPa (kilo Pascals).

The accuracy of our Standard Dial Analog vacuum gauge is 2%-3%-2%. Meaning that the first 7.5 inches of Mercury (from 0 to 7.5), you will see a 2% accuracy, the middle 15 inHg (from 7.5 to 22.5) you will see a 3% accuracy, and the final 7.5 inHg (from 22.5 to 30) you will see a 2% accuracy. The resolution of a dial vacuum gauge is essentially the width of the needle.

Our dial vacuum gauge shows you where you are roughly within the vacuum spectrum. You will know whether you are a third, or a half, or fully vacuum. In many cases, this vacuum output is plenty; however, if you require a better resolution when it comes to your vacuum, we would recommend to go with a digital vacuum gauge.

Improve your Vacuum Readout Accuracy with a Digital Vacuum Gauge

If you require your vacuum output to be at a higher resolution and a greater accuracy, we would strongly suggest that you install the digital vacuum gauge.

The most popular and a favorite option is the Stinger digital vacuum gauge made by Instrutech. This vacuum gauge outputs the vacuum level in absolute pressure in 3 significant figures from 760 Torr to 1 micro Torr. As the vacuum is pulled and the absolute pressure falls below 100 Torr, the vacuum gauge output shifts by one decimal point to 99.9 Torr.

Furthermore, as the absolute pressure falls below 10 Torr, the decimal point shifts once again to 9.99 Torr. As the absolute pressure falls below 1 Torr, the display shifts from “Torr” to “mTorr” (micron) meaning that it starts at 999. This decimal point shifting keeps going until the absolute pressure has reached 0.1 milliTorr.

Digital Vacuum Gauge Overview

Absolute Pressure Output
The vacuum is measured in absolute pressure, therefore keep in mind that at a higher elevation, your ambient pressure will be lower.

Absolute Pressure Range:
The range is from 1000 Torr to 0.0001 Torr or 0.1 micron

Power Supply:
Must be plugged into electricity

Various Fittings Connection:
1/8 inch NPT, NW16KF, NW25KF, NW40KF, 1/4 in. Cajon 4VCR, 1/2 in. Cajon 8VCR, 133 Mini-Conflat Flange (CF) and 275 in. CF

This digital vacuum gauge can be easily removed and periodically calibrated.

Digital LED Display:
Displays the absolute pressure in 3 significant figures. The decimal point shifts automatically from ### to ##.# and so on. As soon as the absolute pressure falls below 1 Torr, the output shifts to millitorr display.

Serial Port:
The serial port is in front, just below the LED output screen. This vacuum gauge does have a 9 pin serial port that can be rewired and connected to a datalogger which in turn can be used to log absolute pressure / vacuum levels of your vacuum system.

Output Options:
The output options of this digital vacuum gauge are in Torr/mTorr and bar/mbar.

Adding a digital vacuum gauge to your acrylic vacuum chamber is a tremendous improvement to your vacuum output.

Ask Us how you can add a digital vacuum gauge to your vacuum chamber.

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