High Power Vacuum Feedthrough

A high power vacuum feedthrough will enable you to run either high current, or high voltage, or both from the outside of the chamber into the inside of your vacuum chamber. As you know, electrical activity behaves differently inside your vacuum. Conversely, you way want to add a power assembly that you would like to fire up during vacuum applications. One of our clients needed to test their battery cooling capacity under vacuum; as you know, convective cooling gets a little bit tricky under vacuum since less air molecules are present to take the heat away from the heat sink.

Your choices of power are vast :) You can select a 5kV, 10kV, 20kV, up to 60kV of Vacuum Voltage Feedthrough or a 1Amp, 2Amp, 5Amp, 10Amp, 20Amp, up to 800 Amp (this is essentially a solid copper rod just hermetically sealed) Unless your are powering up your Warp Drive or need to replace your Burned out Transporter Coil, I am not sure what you would need 800 Amps for. But apparently, it is available because people have requested it in the past. Make sure you send over some pictures of flames and thunder when you use it with your vacuum chamber.

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