Liquid and Gas Vacuum Feedthrough

You can also connect liquid and gas vacuum feedthrough to your vacuum chamber. If you ever have a need to run a liquid or gas from the outside of the vacuum chamber towards the inside of the vacuum chamber, a liquid/gas feedthrough will allow you to do so.

There are several reasons on why you would need a liquid/gas vacuum feedthrough. One reason is if you need cool or heat your test specimen with a liquid while the test specimen is subjected to vacuum, a liquid/gas feedthrough will allow you to do so. Keep in mind that if you are circulating the coolant you will need a pair of liquid feedthroughs one that goes towards your sample the other that comes from your sample.

Other applications where a liquid/gas vacuum feedthrough comes in handy is when the product is vacuum cooled. Vacuum cooling is the effect of evaporation due to decreased pressure inside the vacuum chamber. As the liquid boils off, the temperature of the liquid product will decrease. Running a heater fluid to reheat the product will allow you to control the temperature of your specimen and keep it at a preferable range.

You have the option to use an off the shelf liquid feedthrough where a tube with Swagelok fitting will hook up to your tube from the inside of out. Another option is to make one side a Swagelok fitting and the other side an NPT or threaded fitting. The last option is for you to have both ends of this vacuum feedthrough be threaded. The liquid/gas feedthroughs are either Quick Flange, NW40, ISO Flange, Conflat Flange, or Custom Flange. The tube diameters are 1/4 inch OD, 3/8 inch OD, 1/2 inch OD,

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