Vacuum Panel Plate for future Vacuum Chamber Customization

There are many times where you are not fully sure what vacuum feedthroughs you will need in the future. Sometimes you have not received an input from everyone on your team but you do have a general idea on what you would like to have.

Introducing the Vacuum Panel Plate, this is essentially a blank acrylic plate that is anchored to the side of the acrylic wall. When you have narrowed down your requirements and know exactly what you will need, you can simply unscrew the bolts and modify your Vacuum Panel Plate with your own vacuum feedthroughs.

The advantage you have here is that you can have several vacuum plates that you can customize to your requirement and bolt onto the vacuum chamber. Assuming you have installed your vacuum feedthrough correctly (you may have to do some DIY vacuum potting compound) the plate will seal to the vacuum chamber wall via an O-Ring that is situated right between the vacuum chamber and the blank plate creating a great seal.

You have countless options on how you want to make your blank panel plate. Our most popular option is the 8in x 8in window.

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