Our Work, Part 4

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Vacuum Calibration of Automotive Parts incorporating Our Products

Have you heard people say that the newer cars produced today are actually computers on wheels? Well, don’t mean to scare you, it’s still a car, but it has a plethora of countless computer components and systems that are currently a part of every new car that comes of the production line. This is why, the last time we checked, a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated engine is able produce about 300 horsepower with an incredible fuel economy of about 25 mpg driving around the city.

Portable Pressure Chamber and Custom Vacuum Chamber System

This portable pressure and vacuum chamber system is specifically designed and built to operate between an absolute pressure range of 60 kPa to 120 kPa. The pump is both a compressor and a vacuum pump. The maximum achievable vacuum of this pump is -25.5 inHg while the maximum achievable pressure is +15 psi or 30inHg. Keep in mind that if a more powerfully vacuum pump is used, a much higher vacuum is achievable because the acrylic pressure and vacuum chamber is capable of going into as low of a vacuum as the vacuum pump allows. On the over-pressurization side of things, the highest pressure this chamber is rated at is 15 psig (g for gauge pressure). This 15psig overpressure allows for water intrusion testing by simulating 10 meters of water depth when the chamber is filled with water and pressurized to 15 psig.

Vacuum Fabrication of Optical Equipment incorporating Custom Sanatron Systems

A large Optical Equipment Manufacturer contacted us to design, manufacture, and assemble a series of custom vacuum chambers to be incorporated into their assembly line. Their goal was to increase quality, capacity, and output. As you may know, optical equipment manufacturing is a high accuracy process requiring tremendous precision of manufactured parts during the fabrication process. The tolerances are in micrometers, even nanometers for some components. There is no room left for imperfection. If one component is slightly off, even if it’s just by a few micrometers or a few fractions of a degree, the performance of the optical equipment is dramatically decreased and the value provided to the customer will also follow that path.

Product Quality Testing of Waste Management Components by utilizing Sanatron Chambers

One of the most important and thankless jobs are jobs in the waste management industry. This is one of the few industries that would be dearly missed if they disappeared. There is a reason why we have mostly clean water, clean air, and clean environment where we live. And that is because the people in the waste management industry do one hell of a job.

Vacuum Package Testing System Table Top

This is a fully assembled, table top vacuum package testing system. When you receive this, all you have to do is plug in the vacuum pump and the vacuum controller, and you are ready to vacuum test your packages. The Vacuum Chamber dimensions are 18 inch wide, 12 inch Deep, and 10-inch High. The vacuum chamber has a drain valve at the bottom wall of this tank. The lid is hinged and opens fully, beyond 90 degrees. The lid also has a gas support spring that will hold the lid open and prevent it from slamming back when the operator is loading up the vacuum chamber. As a standard, each lid come with two clamps and a lid handle.

Degassing of Biotech Devices incorporating Custom Quality Products

A degassing system consists of a vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump, and vacuum pump connection hardware. Such system is used to remove entrapped gasses from a liquid. A biotech customer of ours contacted us to design, manufacture, and deliver a custom vacuum degassing system which included a custom tray, wire feedthroughs, and BNC Vacuum feedthroughs.

Vacuum Encapsulation of Aerospace Devices using Sanatron Equipment

Vacuum Encapsulation is a process of encasing items by utilizing a vacuum chamber. There are several reasons why encapsulation may be necessary, however they all boil down to protecting the original product thru sheathing or coating.

Custom Vacuum System consisting of Multiple Interconnected Vacuum Chambers

You are looking at a QTY: 2 x Acrylic Vacuum Chambers with inside dimensions of 20 inch Wide, 20 inch Deep, and 20-inch High. Both chambers are connected via a Cylindrical Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, the cylinder is 12 inch Deep and 24-inch High. The cylinder has a 320 ISO port connection on both sides. Making this a complete Multi-Chamber Vacuum System consisting of a total of 3 (three) interconnected and vacuum leak tight chambers.

Force decay Testing of Medical Devices using Custom Vacuum Chambers

Medical Devices are subject to much regulatory scrutiny and compliance and therefore must perform as intended and as specified. Furthermore, device or product failure is not an option when it comes to medical devices. This is why performance and product quality are of utmost importance.

Vacuum Testing of Aerospace Equipment implementing Custom Chambers

A large aerospace company and a DoD contractor requested a quote from us for a custom vacuum tester to be utilized for the vacuum testing of various Aerospace Equipment Parts on their production line. All of their items were solid and ridged containers, cubic, square, and cylindrical which needed to be tested by following the vacuum submersion testing technique.

Testing of Construction and Farming Equipment implementing Sanatron Equipment

Part integrity is critical when it comes to construction and farming equipment. This is one of the many reasons our customers chose us. When testing quality and accurate results are critical, our equipment will deliver. A Farming and Construction equipment manufacturer contacted us to help them develop, design, build, and assemble a testing chamber capable of testing various sized parts they were making.

Vacuum Simulation of Aerospace Parts using a two-door Chamber

A Vacuum Chamber is vital when it comes to testing of aerospace equipment and parts. The obvious reason is because space or anything at higher altitudes will be subjected to a pressure differential as compared to sea level pressures. A vacuum chamber not only allows for performance testing of aerospace parts, it also allows for quality and leak testing of such parts. Acrylic is preferrable because acrylic is fully transparent allowing for full view of product during the vacuum test.

Vacuum Decay Leak Testing of Biotech Devices utilizing an Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

A Vacuum chamber can be utilized for some very sensitive leak testing. Vacuum is often used to create a pressure differential between the inside of the test specimen and the outside of the test specimen to perform various tests such as seal integrity test or a leak test. The seal integrity test is generally a visual test where the operator looks for seal breaks or failures. On the other hand, the vacuum leak test encompasses several types of tests. One of these is the dry vacuum test where the test specimen is placed into the vacuum chamber and leaks are observed by pulling a vacuum. Another test is the Vacuum Bubble Leak test where the test specimen is dunked into a tank of water, a vacuum is pulled, and bubble emissions are observed. The test we will talk about today is the Vacuum Decay Leak Test.

Pressure Decay Leak Testing of Valves

A pressure decay leak test is a test which observes a drop in pressure over a specified time to determine if a leak is present. The main advantage of the pressure decay leak test is that it is an objective test. An operator connects the test part to the pressure decay leak tester, presses the start button, and waits for the test to complete and output the test results.

Quality Assurance of Medical Devices by utilizing Vacuum Chamber and Pump

A vacuum chamber and pump are used in various applications. A vacuum chamber is used to quality test product integrity and specifications. For example, subjecting product to vacuum can help determine the robustness of the product. It can also help determine how this product will behave at lower pressure.