Our Work, Part 5

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Double Door Vacuum Chamber Square and Cylinder

You are looking at a front-loading acrylic vacuum chamber with two doors. One door is placed on the front wall, the other door is placed on the rear wall. The doors are placed on the opposite walls. The door hinges are on one wall meaning that one door will open swinging to the left while the second door will open swinging to the right.

Vacuum Chamber inside another Vacuum Chamber like Chamberception

Can you build a vacuum chamber inside a vacuum chamber? Yes, space permitting, we make place a smaller vacuum chamber inside a larger vacuum chamber have them operate at different vacuum levels. This is possible as long as there is sufficient space to place the o-ring so that a vacuum seal can be achieved.

Custom Made Vacuum Cable Feedthroughs installed on a Square Vacuum Chamber

Not only can we install any off-the-shelf vacuum feedthrough available onto a vacuum chamber, we can also make our own custom vacuum feedthroughs and specifically install them in a way that will work best for you. An aerospace client looking to test various custom cables inside a fully transparent vacuum chamber reached out to us to see if this is something that we can do.

Vibration Table Installable Vacuum Chamber

The ASTM D3580 as well as the ASTM D4728 use a vibration testing method to quality test packages and shipping containers that will be subjected to vibration due to transport. But what happens if you have several ASTM testing protocols to complete and would like to find a way to consolidate your testing methods so that you can do two or more ASTM testing protocols at once in order to save time, money, and resources; is this something that can be done?

Electronic Integrity Testing inside Custom Pressure and Vacuum Chamber

One of our customers who designs and builds Electronic and Electrical Equipment reached out to us because they had a need for a custom acrylic pressure and vacuum chamber. They needed to subject their electrical components to a vacuum or pressure environments in order to test the performance of their electrical equipment.

Aerospace Custom Vacuum Chamber

An aerospace company reached out to us because the needed someone to make a custom vacuum chamber for them. We are always happy to look at what we can do for them to make it happen. They did not tell us much about the details of their projects. This is sometimes the case because when work is done on proprietary technology, we do not expect to know every single detail.

Container Closure Integrity Testing Chamber

Container Closure Integrity Testing is a critical Quality Control process used mostly by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and many food industries. This quality control process ensures the safety and quality of closed containers and its ability to stay closed and maintain seal integrity throughout the life of the product. There are several ways to and methods used in the Container Closure Integrity testing. One of the most effective is the use of a vacuum chamber for several reasons. First, a vacuum chamber can be used to perform Dye Ingress Testing. Second, a vacuum chamber can be used for Vacuum Decay Testing. Third, a vacuum chamber can be used for heat seal integrity testing. And fourth, a vacuum chamber can be used as a vacuum bubble leak test.

Vacuum Panel Plate with Various Vacuum Feedthroughs

Our custom-made vacuum panel plate will come in handy in the future. Let us explain. When our clients are getting a vacuum chamber or a vacuum system from us, they sometimes do not know what vacuum feedthroughs such as Wire, USB, Thermocouple, D-SUB, Ethernet, Liquid and Gas, etc. they may need in the future. A dilemma arises if a vacuum chamber without the vacuum panel plate has been purchased. This means that in order to add vacuum feedthroughs to the vacuum chamber, the actual vacuum chamber will need to be modified. This can be done either by having the customer drill into the chamber, this is not recommended because DIY vacuum chamber modification will create risk of product damage and or personnel injuries. Another option is to either order in house service and or ship the chamber back to manufacturer for modifications. Both will result in downtimes and ore delays.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber

Our experience and capabilities range from clear acrylic, to aluminum, to stainless steel vacuum chambers in cube, square, cylindrical, and weird shapes. Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with all branches of the US Government, most of the Russell 2000 companies, and most of the companies listed in the S&P500. When it comes to vacuum systems, we have seen it all.

Biotech Vacuum Chamber

Biotech Instruments must undergo vigorous Quality Control (QC) testing prior to product release. A vacuum chamber is an ideal tool as it allows testing of biotech products and instruments under controlled conditions to simulate real-world scenarios. Biotechnology incorporates a wide range of industrial and scientific processes ranging from drug development, genetic process engineering, and medical devices. It is critical to ensure proper fit and function of biotech products.

Opaque Vacuum Chamber

An acrylic vacuum chamber does not always need to be transparent, there are instances when a vacuum chamber needs to be made from acrylic and that acrylic also needs to be fully opaque where no light can pass through.

Research and Development Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum Chambers are often utilized in research and development ranging from pharmaceuticals, product design, or aerospace. Many potential customers reach out to us asking us if this or that is doable with a vacuum chamber. The answer is usually yes, the vacuum systems industry is a mature one and what you may think is something that cannot be done or may be difficult to do, it may have already been done. Most of our builds are custom builds made specifically to customer requirements.

Water Submersion Leak Test using Custom Internal Pressurization System

The principle of the water submersion bubble leak test is the same. Create a pressure differential between the inside of the test specimen and the outside of the test specimen. If a leak is present, the pressure differential will drive the air through the leak path. If the test specimen is submersed under water, and there is a leak, it will be visible via bubble emission. There are two ways to create a pressure differential. The first one is to decrease the pressure outside of the test specimen. This is done by placing the test specimen inside a vacuum chamber and pulling a vacuum. The second one is to internally pressurize the test specimen while leaving the pressure outside of the test specimen at ambient pressures. The result is the same: if there a leak, it will be detected via bubble emission.

Aviation and Drone Technology Testing Chamber

Drone Technology has been very popular lately and it seems that we have yet to run out of ideas on how unmanned drones can be used in our every day lives. Over the past ten years, we have seen an explosion in drone applications from delivery, photography, reconnaissance, war, investigations, architecture, medical, aerospace, etc… As drone tech improves so does drone Quality control and it becomes crucial to test and retest the operability of each drone in order to confirm that the product meets or exceeds expectations.

Human Health and Performance Environmental Chamber

We have the capabilities to work on highly demanding and customized projects. We pride ourselves with the highest quality US made products. When our customers contact us, we provide them with a complete, ready to go out of the box solution. No additional design, development, engineering, assembly, or other tedious actions are needed because our products are developed, designed, built, and shipped to you. We do the complex, detailed, and heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. We know that you have other priority tasks to complete and building a performance chamber should be our job because we are damn good at it. When you work with us, it is as if you have another engineering team of highly skilled and technical people who are ready to tackle any challenge you may face. Our machinists are engineers, our engineers are subject matter experts, and our subject matter experts are your project partners capable of tackling highly demanding and critical projects.