Viewport Vacuum Feedthroughs

A viewport vacuum feedthrough is a window that enables the user to look into the vacuum chamber. A Vacuum Viewport is specifically designed and built to be placed onto the walls of a vacuum chamber; there will be no change in vacuum, or vacuum performance, or leakage. Acrylic vacuum chambers are fully transparent and may not require the need for a viewport. On the other hand, metallic vacuum chambers do require a viewport if you have a need to view the vacuum chamber interior during vacuum operations.

In addition to simply needing to look into the vacuum chamber, you may also have a need for a more sophisticated window. There are cases where you would need a certain optical transmission spectrum (laser applications or vibrations). We carry a wide range of viewports made from CaF2, Fused Silica, MgF2, Non-Magentic, Over-Pressure, Re-Entrant, RF, Sapphire, SiO2, Germanium, ZnSe, and more with coupling options such as NW16, NW25, NW40, NW50, Conflat, ISO, or custom plate with single or multiple viewport windows.