About Sanatron

Who we are

We are Sanatron (formerly Peak to Peak Engineering) a group of scientists, engineers, artists, makers, and geeks. We have been in business since 2008 and have had the privilege to work with clients such as Google, NASA, Department of Defense, Boeing, Denso, Intel, Hormel Foods, and Edwards Lifesciences, just to name a few.

Our clients prefer to work with us because we are Experts in:

1. Vacuum Science and Technology
2. Custom Fabrication (especially Polymer Fabrication)
3. Robustly Designed and Quality Engineered Systems
4. Treating our clients tremendously well (Reason why we are Highly Rated on Google My Business)

We specialize is the design, research, development, and manufacture of Fascinating Vacuum Products and Engineering Work pertaining to rough, low, and medium vacuum applications. We love making widgets, solving problems, and designing stuff. We are passionate about learning, innovation, and improvement. Our broad experiences include engineering design, research, development, mathematics, statistics, and programming.

While our main office is situated on the east bench of Salt Lake City, just two blocks west from the University of Utah, our shop is located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley - about four miles southeast of the Salt Lake International Airport. We are housed in two combined 3,000 square foot facilities. We have been an engineering consulting company since 2008 supporting local companies by providing engineering consulting, support, and services.

Fortunately due to our success over the years, the word of our excellent work quality spread and we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities by seeking out more shop space. We now operate out of two locations providing not only engineering consulting services, but also machining and fabrication services, and automation/control systems engineering services. In addition, we also carry a range of standard products that we sell on this site.

What we do

Our expertise in rough, low, and medium vacuum technologies, along with expertise in polymer fabrication, help our clients design and build the world as we see it today. Additionally, we inspire those we work with to rise above so that they will envision, develop, and build engineering systems for a better future tomorrow which seemed almost impossible today. You can check out Our Work

We push the envelope of Solar Energy Research by building test fixtures that enable scientists develop better solar cells.

We helped build a vacuum system which Tests the Electronic Cables that control the landing gear mechanism of airplanes, making sure that the landing gear deploys each and every time.

We help deliver food to the world by making Seal Testing Equipment that tests the seal integrity of cans, pouches, and packages.

We help keep our planet clean by partnering with Car Parts Manufacturers in order to improve their Vacuum Extrusion Systems so that they can make better catalytic converters.

We help medical device manufacturers package their devices better so that they in turn can help improve the health and quality of life of their patients.

We help structural engineers Discover more Seismically Stable Building Materials and components so that even taller buildings are immune to even stronger earthquakes.

We help environmental engineers increase the throughput of soil sampling; hence making their research more productive.

We help scientists perform research and Testing in a Vacuum Environment on Lithium Ion Batteries, thin films, fuel cells, super-capacitors, and nano-materials.

We help aerospace engineers (rocket scientists) Perform Altitude Testing on their novel satellites, including but not limited to, cubesats and nanosats.

We help mechanical engineers perform Microfluidic Testing by building Vacuum Chambers for them that can heat their fluid, stir their fluid, and expose their fluid to various gasses, pressures, and temperatures.

We help nuclear engineers build better Nuclear Detection Equipment.

We help engine manufacturers build better and more efficiently running engines of the future.

We help countless laboratories around the world prepare and store their test specimen in a clean air evacuated hypobaric environment.

What sets us apart

Engineering Excellence

We are the Global Leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of acrylic vacuum chambers and engineering work pertaining to rough, low, and medium vacuum applications. We have decades of combined and diverse engineering experience to tackle any problem challenge you present to us. We have build hundreds of chambers for most of the Fortune 500 companies, top universities and research institutions, US Government, and space agencies. We have shipped our products to many different parts of the world. We know how to build our chambers and we are especially strong when it comes to customizing or integrating our chambers into other systems.

Engineering expertise means When you contact us, you will not have to deal with another order taker but with an expert in the realm of vacuum technology who can truly grasp the issues you are currently dealing with.

In House Quality

Everything that we design is built at our local Salt Lake City facility. We are accountable for everything we make which is why product quality is the only acceptable goal. As a result of in-house manufacturing and impeccable accountability, we have consistently outperformed all other engineering manufacturers in our industry. Everything that leaves our facility has touched our hands and has undergone rigorous outgoing quality inspections.

In house quality means that we don't just slap our name on it and sell it to you for a mark up; on contraire, we build our products specifically for you and your specifications.

Product Evolution

We constantly update, upgrade, and revise our products just so that we can give you a little bit more each time. If you have reordered from us, you will have noticed upgrades to our designs; all which continuously improve our chambers. We have mastered the art of chamber building by always looking for ways to do more; one example is our acrylic interlocking technology using specifically formulated glue-epoxy which took us years to develop.

Over the years our products have become world-class and there is no one else who can offer you the chamber quality we can at our prices, specs, and lead times. The most amazing fact of it all is that we have been able to accomplish the above without sacrificing what is most important such as our culture, our quality, our pricing, our lead times, or the features we offer.

Product evolution means that we continually improve our products so that every day we leap ahead of our competition.

Love And Passion

We love what we do because every day we get to make art; thanks to you, every day we get to work on difficult and important problems. We are privately owned, first generation, small local business that has been around from 2008 starting from a messy bedroom. We strongly believe that our growth has been the result of doing great work for you; we also strongly believe that our future growth will depend on doing great work for you.

The most common claim you will hear from our competitors is that they have been in business for say 50 years. But, how many times during those 50 years has that company been bought and sold by shareholders for the sake of profit? How much of their personnel has come and gone over the years? Are you really getting 50 years of experts from them?

There have been many instances where we have either accepted or rejected projects which could have never been justified on a corporate level! We have been able to do so because we are small and local and because we don't have a greedy investor breathing down our necks looking to squeeze another dime out of us.

In short, our love and passion is what drives us to make quality products which keep our customers coming back happy.


We run a locally and globally sustainable business model for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do. Fully 98% of our acrylic and aluminum is recycled. Our waste is kept to a minimum and sorted accordingly. We don't prescribe to the "I Got Mine" philosophy because anyone with a little bit of intelligence will quickly realize that our business was able to prosper in the first place because of a nourishing local environment and that giving back to the community is that only way we will all be able to grow and move forward.

Our Story

2017 to Present
Sanatron Manufacturing Machine Shop Facility, providing engineering excellence to the United States and the world

Picture of our current shop that we have occupied while working to change the world for the better since 2017.
2013 to 2017
Sanatron Manufacturing Machine Shop Facility, providing engineering excellence to the United States and the world

Picture of our old manufacturing facility we stayed at from 2013 to 2017. We needed a place to put our Bulky CNC Machine after we bought it on ebay from Craig in South Dakota. This was the time when work really picked up and we renamed our Company to Sanatron LLC. Isn’t it strange that every epic story always starts with a guy whose name is Craig and who lives in South Dakota or somewhere in the US Midwest?

Well, I knew Roy, Roy knew Robin, Robin knew Bob. And Bob V. and his family were very good and generous and rented us some shop space in their machine shop. When Bob retired in 2017, he sold this building to a food manufacturer and we moved into our new space.

2008 to 2013
Peak to Peak Engineering before we were Sanatron LLC

This is where it all began, at the University of Utah (The U) in 2008. Initially, we (I) helped graduate students at The U build test fixtures and components for their research; including parts for the Nuclear Reactor at The U. We did this by undercutting the local machine shops on price and then bribing the machine shop attendant at the U with cases of beer Arizona Ice Tea so that he would let us use the equipment to fabricate the parts. A true win-win-win situation.

Notice how we did not have that many resources in the beginning (there were no fancy machines, offices, angel investors, or loans from parents). It all started with one graduate student looking to help out his colleagues with their research; one project led to another and the rest is history. When you don’t have the resources, in order to succeed, you have to become resourceful. Being resourceful to your customers is one of the main reasons why we grew tremendously over the years. Resourcefulness is not a matter of physical assets, it is a matter of intangibles (especially what is in between your ears). Of course living in the greatest county in all human history helps as well.

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How we do it

We conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism and we will provide you with the highest degree of engineering design and customer service.