Acrylic Vacuum Chambers
We carry complete square and cylindrical clear acrylic vacuum chambers from 10 to 20 inch inside dimensions; assembled and ready for use. They come with a vacuum gauge, two valves, two handles, and clamps.
Pressure and Vacuum Chambers, Clear Acrylic
A Pressure and a Vacuum Chamber has been one of the more popular requests here at Sanatron Lately. So, we thought to make your process easier and post some of the popular models online. We are happy to carry 3 different sizes of pressure and vacuum chambers.
Bubble Emission Leak Testing Systems for ASTM D3078
We have the largest selection of Bubble Emission Leak Testing Systems available.
Internal Pressurization Bubble Testing System for ASTM F2096
This Internal Pressurization Tank System is designed to Detect Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization – Also known as a “Bubble Test”. It is built to meet or exceed the specifications set forth in the testing procedure ASTM F2096
Vacuum Pumps
We offer a wide range of vacuum pumps.
Desiccator Cabinets, Acrylic
We carry single and multiple door clear acrylic desiccators (dry boxes) fully assembled and ready for use. They come with one perforated acrylic shelf which is removable, digital hygrometer, digital thermometer, gas in port, gas out port, and two side door clamps.
Pneumatic Presses
We carry a broad range of pneumatic presses which include Table top, C-Frame, H-Frame, Steel or aluminum presses which are rated up to 4000 lbs and more. We also make custom presses based on your specifications.
Pneumatic Logic
Products include a two hand anti-tie down control box and a two hand anti-tie down logic controller.