Vacuum Chambers
Vacuum Chambers enable you to generate a hypobaric (lower pressure) environment. We carry a wide range of vacuum chambers such as Acrylic Vacuum Chambers, Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers, and other types of vacuum chambers. Vacuum Chambers are generally cubic, square, or cylindrical in Geometry; however, other types of Vacuum Chamber geometry can be achieved as well.
Pressure and Vacuum Chambers
Pressure and Vacuum Chambers enable you to create a hyperbaric (higher pressure) and hypobaric (lower pressure) environment. Unlike a Vacuum Chamber, which only is designed for lower pressure environments, a pressure and vacuum chambers will enable you both. When it comes to a pressure chamber, there are some design limits that must be followed but many vacuum and pressure chambers come in either cylindrical or square geometry.
Leak Testing Systems
Leak Testing Systems are devices and machinery that enable you to detect leaks in anything imaginable from air bag inflators to heat sealed food packages to medical implants. The resolution, accuracy, and detectability of a leak will generally depend on what type leak testing instrument is used. Furthermore, there are tradeoffs when it comes to costs, accuracy, complexity, cycle times, and leak detection objectivity. We carry all types of leak detection systems ranging in various capabilities.
There are many instances where custom vacuum systems or other Turn-Key systems are necessary in order to meet your project requirements and goals. We at Sanatron are proud to supply, provide or build any vacuum system for you. We have the expertise, knowledge and capability to build custom turnkey vacuum systems.
Desiccator Cabinets
A desiccator cabinet is a dry box intended to be used as a dry storage compartment. We carry a wide range of desiccator boxes and cabinets of various shapes and sizes. In addition, we also have the ability to build desiccator cabinet systems which have the ability to constantly and consistently monitor temperature and relative humidity of desiccator interior.
Instruments such as Vacuum Controllers, Altitude Simulators, and Digital Vacuum Gauges are some of the more intricate devices we develop, design, and make here at Sanatron. Our state-of-the-art vacuum controllers and altitude simulators will enable you run a vacuum (altitude) vs. time profile which help you be compliments when it comes to packaging quality control and keep your product under tightly controller vacuum level.
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pump are devices that enable you to create a vacuum inside your vacuum chamber. There are many types of vacuum pumps available out there. What kind and type of vacuum pump you can use for your application depends on your general requirements. We are proud to offer rotary vane, piston, diaphragm, roots blower, turbo, or dry scroll vacuum pump. And if we don’t have it on our website, we will find it for you.
Vacuum Feedthroughs
Vacuum Feedthroughs are items that enable you to run stuff from the outside of the vacuum chamber into the inside of the vacuum chamber during vacuum operations without compromising the vacuum. You can run or “feed through” stuff such as electrical signals, thermocouples, coaxial, triaxial, usb, ethernet, viewport, D-Sub, rotary, and linear manipulation and much more.
Vacuum Components
Vacuum Components are items such as flanges, clamps, O-Rings, centering rings, Vacuum Hoses, Connection hardware or anything that is designed and build or made to be operated with a vacuum system. We carry a wide range of vacuum components that you will need to operate your vacuum system.
Vacuum Fluids
Vacuum Fluids such as rotary vane vacuum pump oil, or high vacuum grease are some of the items that we carry. Furthermore, vacuum epoxies, and other types of fluids that are designed and built to be applied and operated in vacuum environments can be found here.
Vacuum Filters
Vacuum Filters such as Oil mist eliminators, also known as vacuum pump exhaust filters are used to prevent and mitigate the emission of vacuum pump oil mists and other pollutants into the vacuum pump surroundings. Moreover, vacuum traps, which trap and filter all destructive or corrosive components from entering the vacuum pump are also just as important in order to prevent vacuum pump damage and prolong the life and use of your vacuum pump.