Customizing your Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

One of many advantages of acrylic vacuum chambers is that they are highly customizable and versatile. Team Sanatron has worked with many industries across the board and designed a broad range of turkey custom solutions within the rough-to-medium vacuum realm.

Clear Acrylic Vac Chamber Review

Front view of our Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

In this article we take a closer look into acrylic vacuum chambers, what they are used for, the advantages of using a clear acrylic vac chamber, what to look for, and where to purchase one.

Vacuum Levels of Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

Permeability and Outgassing of Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

In this article we will discuss the vacuum levels of an acrylic vacuum chamber. Additionally, we are going to recommend a rule of thumb used for vacuum pump selection based on the size of the vacuum chamber.

Selecting a Proper Vacuum Pump for your Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

venturi vacuum pump schematics

This article is intended to provide you a practical guide which should help you select the appropriate vacuum pump for your system.

High Altitude Package Testing utilizing an Acrylic Vac Chamber

altitude simulation package testing chamber

An Acrylic Vacuum Chamber can be used to simulate elevation very reliably to altitudes up to 60.9 km or 200,000 feet. This provides several advantages over other testing methods as acrylic is transparent and enables full view of interior during testing. In this article, we will give you a through guide on what can be done to eliminate the risk of packaging damage during shipments at high altitudes.

Bubble Leak Testing using an Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

Bubble Leak Testing using an acrylic vacuum chamber

Bubble Leak Testing or Bubble Emission Testing is a procedure where leaks are visually detected and located through the emission of bubbles while the test specimen is submerged in water. In this article, we will talk about using an acrylic vacuum box as a leak detection device. We are also going to talk about the advantage, disadvantage, and the bubble leak emission test procedures.

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