Acrylic Vacuum Chambers Cylinder, Clamping and Removable Lid

Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, Cylinder, Removable Lid

cylindrical clear acrylic vacuum chamber removable lid
This is a cylindrical acrylic vacuum chamber fully assembled and ready for use. The chamber is a top load model with a fully removable lid. Included are a vacuum gauge, two valves, and two handles. The inside diameter ranges from 8 inches to 12 inches while the height ranges from 12 inches to 18 inches. The vacuum rating for this chamber is 0.075 Torr (75 micron); however, the vacuum level will depend on the kind of vacuum pump you are planning to use on this chamber. The vacuum valve and the vent valve are on the lid; but, these can be moved to the side well or anywhere else as per your request free of charge to you as long as you let us know within 2 days after you have ordered your chamber. This is a build to order item and will usually ship within Contact Us to inquire about lead times.