Altitude Simulation Controller Instruments

An altitude simulation Controller is an instrument that enables you to set the vacuum inside your vacuum chamber to an altitude equivalent. Did you know that you can use a vacuum chamber to simulate a specific altitude? An Altitude simulation Controller will enable to simulate an altitude equivalent of up to 250,000 feet. In addition to the altitude simulation, you will also be able to simulate a specific rate of climb. This will enable you to perform tests and simulate the effects altitude change has on your specimen.

Finally, you are also able to set and specify your own altitude recipe. One example would be, Step 1: climb to 5000 feet at a rate of 1000 feet every 30 to 60 second, Step 2: hold at 16,000 feet for 30 minutes, Step 3: descend at a rate of 1000 feet every 30 to 60 second to sea level – this protocol is very much similar to the ASTM D6653 / D6653M testing protocol.