Connection Hardware Vacuum Components

Vacuum Connection Hardware are connectors and components that make up the plumbing of a vacuum system. A vacuum hose is a tube which allows you to connect a vacuum pump to a vacuum chamber. There are several types of vacuum hoses but the most common are Vinyl and Metallic Bellows Hose.

A tee is a vacuum component that allows for a connection on tree nodes. A cross is a vacuum component that allows vacuum connections on four nodes. 90 Degree Elbow Vacuum Components are pipes that create a 90 degree turn so that the vacuum port can be redirected. It is mostly used in connection hardware. A 90 Degree elbow will allow you to re-route you vacuum plumbing by a 90 degrees. We carry a wide selection of tees, crosses, and elbows in Quick Flange, ISO, and Conflat or a combination of the aforementioned. Look around or contact us if you have any questions.