D-SUB Vacuum Feedthroughs

A D-Sub Vacuum Feedthrough (sometimes referred to as a SUB-D) is a very popular vacuum feedthrough connector due to its standardized application. Each Subminiature D is specified to the Mil 24308 A Spec and will enable you to connect a D-Sub connector to your vacuum chamber and run signals or current from the outside of the chamber towards the inside of the chamber during vacuum applications without compromising the vacuum performance. Each D-Sub connector is hermetically sealed and comes with either 9, 15, 25, 37, 50, or 100 pins. Your mounting options are either Quick Flange, ISO, Conflat, Weldable or Custom. You can also choose to have a multiple different D-Sub connectors per feedthrough plate – for example you could choose to have a 9 pin, two 15 pin, and a 37 pin vacuum feedthrough all on one plate. Contact us to find out the best way to incorporate your D-Sub connectors to your vacuum chamber.