Helium Leak Testing Systems

Helium Leak testing systems utilize Helium as a tracer gas which flows through a leak and is detected by a helium leak detector. Helium leak Testing Systems are the most sensitive leak detection methods which are several orders of magnitude better than any other standard leak testing methods such as bubble leak testing or pressure/force/vacuum decay leak testing.

In most simple terms, a helium leak test is performed by filling the specimen with Helium gas and then creating a pressure difference by pulling a vacuum on the other side of the specimen. If a leak is present, the pressure differential will drive Helium from one side of the specimen towards the other side of the specimen. The other side of the specimen is connected to a mass spectrometer that is specifically designed and fabricated to detect helium atoms.

We offer Helium sniffers, helium leak detectors, and custom turn-key helium leak detection systems.

Common Applications of our Helium Leak Tester include, but are not limited to the Quality Control and Testing of:

Aerospace ■ Automotive ■ Medical ■ Biotech ■ Manufacturing ■ Electronics ■ Semiconductors ■ Food Manufacturing and Packaging ■ Pharmaceutical ■ Container Closure Seal Integrity ■ Package Integrity ■ Flexible Packaging ■ Blister Packaging ■ Bottle Leak Testing ■ Stick Pack Leak Testing ■ Chocolate or Food Bar Leak Testing ■ Food Can Leak Testing ■ Food Bag Leak Testing ■ Medical Device Packaging ■ Hermetically Sealed Bags ■ Electronic Circuit Boards ■ Batteries ■ Aerospace Components ■ Multi Packs ■ sachets ■ Stand Up Pouches ■

Quick Facts

Test Sensitivity:
10-8 sccm
Locate Leak:
Yes on some
Objective Test:
Reference Protocols:
ASTM E499 / ASTM F2391 / ASTM E1603
Ready to Go:
Some Yes / others must be customized