Package Quality Control of Nutritional Supplement

Nutritional supplements have been popular since the invention of vitamin pills. Every day there is a new supplement, root, plant, and molecule promising break through benefits. Fortunately, nutritional supplements have their benefits and when coupled with a heathy lifestyle, nutritional supplements have the power to improve our lives enormously.

When manufacturing and packaging supplements, it is vital that the manufacturer properly seals the product. A good seal will extend the shelf life of the product while protecting the consumer.

The simplest package quality test that can be performed on heat sealed nutritional supplements is the dry vacuum test. The dry vacuum test will confirm two things. First, the test will confirm that the heat sealed items can be transported by air and at higher altitudes. Second, the test will confirm quality heat seal integrity of the batch.

All that is needed is a Transparent Vacuum Chamber, connection hardware, and a vacuum pump. We offer vacuum chamber with pump systems tailored specifically to your project needs. Contact Us to find out how we will help you immensely.

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Vacuum Decay Leak Testing Systems
Vacuum Decay Leak Testing Systems are Instruments that detect and quantify a leak by measuring the drop in vacuum (pressure) inside the specimen. During a vacuum decay leak test, the specimen is placed into a vacuum chamber, the vacuum is pulled to a specified setpoint, and the drop in vacuum is monitored and recorded over time. If a leak in the specimen exists, the air will travel from a higher pressure (inside the specimen) to a lower pressure (vacuum chamber). As a results of the additional air, the vacuum levels will drop whereas a leak can be detected and quantified.
Belt Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
A Belt Drive Rotary Vane Pump is almost identical to a Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump. The only difference between the two is that the belt drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is driven by a belt. There are several advantages why a belt drive vacuum pump would be preferable. One of these reasons is that the belt drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump runs at a slower RPM therefore the temperature created is lower, the wear and tear is less, and the overall lifetime of the pump is longer. The disadvantages are a lower CFM and performance.
Our Work: Submersion Leak Testing of Explosive or Volatile Products
Ever wondered how to leak test packaged volatile products? Do you know that there are countless unstable products out there that have to be leak tested as part of quality control? By volatile we mean products which ignite, explode, shatter, melt, or are hazardous. Keep in mind that hazardous material for whatever reason has be undergo quality control as well.
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