Pneumatic Air Arbor Press, Table Top, C-Frame Steel Plated Assembly 500 lbs (1/4 Ton)
$1150.00 (for 2 inch stroke)
$1250.00 (for 4 inch stroke)
$1350.00 (for 6 inch stroke)
$1450.00 (for 8 inch stroke)
+ $200.00 Shipping
Product ID:
Lead Time:
2 to 4 weeks
Return Policy:
14 days for a full refund

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions (inch):
8 Wide x 12 Deep x 15 High
Table Dimensions (inch) :
8 Wide x 6 Deep
Cylinder Force:
500 lbs force at 100 psi
Stroke Length (inch):
From 2 to 8 inch (customer specified)
Tolerance (inch):
+/- 0.050
Press Material:
4140/4142 Alloy Steel
Cylinder Bore:
3 inch


3 inch bore Cylinder (user specified stroke)
Pressure Regulator and gauge
2 position 5 way valve (to pneumatically actuate the cylinder) - you may select an electric actuation valve
A Table top press frame, with mounts, ready to be incorporated into any pneumatic line.
Two press buttons (both buttons must be pressed to actuate the cylinder)
Heavy Duty, C-Frame Cast Iron Design
Made from 4140/4142 Alloy Steel


This Pneumatic Air Arbor Press is fully assembled and ready to use. It features a, 3 inch bore, double acting air cylinder which is rated at a force of 500 lbs at 100 psi supply air pressure. Included with this order are a pressure regulator which allows for an adjustment of pressure from 10psi to 120 psi. Two push buttons, which both must be pressed in order to actuate the air cylinder.

This product is fully tested and ready to be incorporated into your assembly, all that is required is to connect this press to an air supply. It`s designed as a table top press which takes up very little space.

This Pneumatic air press is specifically designed to help you reduce implementation and manufacturing cost when small crimping, heat sealing, swaging, forming, riveting, pressing, burnishing, or any other task which may require you to use an air press to meet your needs.

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