Thermocouple Vacuum Feedthroughs

Thermocouple Vacuum Feedthrough enable you to feed the temperature signal from the inside of the vacuum chamber toward the outside of the vacuum chamber without compromising the vacuum. A thermocouple feedthrough will enable you to measure the temperature of your specimen that is present inside the vacuum chamber during vacuum operations. We carry a wide variety of thermocouple feedthroughs of different types, mounting styles, and quantities. We offer Type C, E, J, K, N, R-S, and T. All these come with several mounting styles such as NPT, Conflat, Quick Flange, ISO, or custom. Finally, you can have more than one pair of thermocouples on a single feedthrough – up to 5 pairs. The combinations of mounting styles, thermocouple styles, and quantity are vast.

We are also happy to integrate any of our vacuum feedthroughs onto your chamber and build you a custom system. If you are looking to integrate any of the feedthroughs into a system that we are building for you please let us know the item number and quantity of your feedthroughs. And yes, we can add as many feedthroughs as you would like space permitting. We are excited to hear about your vacuum project, please contact us to find out how we can help.