Vacuum Components

Centering Rings Vacuum Components
Centering Rings are rings, Typically O-Rings that create a seal between your vacuum components such as the KF, QF, NW, Conflat, or ISO Flanges. Centering Rings can also be made from Copper which will enable even better sealing than Buna-N or Viton for higher vacuum applications.
Clamps Vacuum Components
Clamps Enable you to connect your vacuum component by applying force to compress the Flanges and Centering Rings so that an air tight seal can be created.
Blank Vacuum Components
Blank Vacuum Components are blank offs that are used to plug a specific vacuum port. We carry KF, QF, NW, Conflat, and ISO Blanks made either from Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass.
Connection Hardware Vacuum Components
Connection Hardware and Bellows Hose vacuum components are vacuum hoses that connect the vacuum chamber to a vacuum pump or other vacuum chambers and components. We carry metallic, rubber, and vinyl vacuum hoses of various shapes and sizes.
Adaptors Vacuum Components
Vacuum Adaptors are devices that will adapt one vacuum component to another. One example is connecting an NPT thread to a NW25 Flange.
Valves Vacuum Components
A Vacuum Valve is a device which operates under vacuum conditions. This means that a valve has a very low leak rate in order to help keep the vacuum stable at a certain level. Furthermore, vacuum valves are built from low outgassing material. Finally, Vacuum Valves also come with specialized connection ports, such as Quick Flange or Conflat so that these can be easily connected to a vacuum component.