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Additional Vacuum Bubble Leak Tester Images

Please take a look at additional product images of our ASTM D3078 Bubble Leak Testing System. All our products can be modified and customized to your requirements. Please contact us if you are looking for a custom Bubble Leak Testing System.

Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber ASTM D3078 Bubble Leak Tester

The Only Vacuum Bubble Leak Test Chamber robustly designed and quality manufactured
to consistently perform and meet your needs!

Product Specifications

Vacuum Rating:
0.25 Torr; 250 micron
Vacuum Loss Rate:
5.25 Torr (0.2 inHg) per 24 hours
Chamber Inside Dimensions (inch):
12 Wide X 10 Deep X 8 High
Product Dimensions (inch):
16 Wide X 14 Deep X 12 High
Tolerance (inch):
+/- 0.125
Chamber Material:
Clear Cast Acrylic
Lid Material:
Clear Cast Acrylic
Buna O-Ring
Approximate Volume:
960 cubic inch - 4.15 Gallon - 15.7 Liters


Hinged Top Lid
Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Regulator
Vacuum Trap
Vent Valve 1/4 NPT
Vacuum Valve 1/4 NPT
Water Drain Valve
Package Restraining Mesh
Two Feedthrough Ports
Two clamps
Spring Supported Lid
1 Year Warranty


This bubble leak testing system is fully setup and ready to go right out of the box. The inside dimensions of the test chamber are: 12 inch wide, 10 inch deep, and 8 inch tall. It is powered by pressurized air through a venturi vacuum pump which is included in this system. Also included with the bubble emission testing system are a vacuum regulator, vacuum valve, a venting valve, a vacuum gauge, a water drain valve, package restrain mesh, two (2) 1/4 inch OD tube feed through ports, a spring supported lid, and a vacuum trap (to keep pump free of moisture coming from the chamber).

This Bubble Leak Testing System (also known as the Bubble Emission Testing Equipment) is used to test the seal integrity sealed packages, such as medical packages. This procedure is performed by submersing the fully sealed specimen into a tank of water and pulling a vacuum in order to create a pressure difference between the inside of the pouch and the outside. If the package integrity is compromised, this pressure difference will begin to drive the air out of the package and bubbles will start to emit from the pouch. The location of bubble emission points to the leak.

A bubble leak testing system is by far the most economical and practical method for performing medical package testing and detecting pouch leaks. Your package integrity test can be performed in 30 seconds or less.

Products Quality

Our Acrylic Vacuum Chambers come with a one year warranty and our quality promise. The Chambers are robust and designed to be operated frequently for several years and are the result of years of continuous improvement, research, design, and development.

The ruggedized chamber walls are fabricated through our acrylic interlocking technology using specifically formulated vacuum glue-epoxy. Our adhesion expertise is one of our many trade secrets we utilize to build our chambers. This commitment to engineering excellence results in our acrylic vacuum chambers being so durable where issues such as deflection, beveling, collapsing, or wall separation are completely eliminated.

The 3 ports on this chamber are connected through threaded Aluminum Ports to a KF25/NW25 vacuum bulkhead fitting located on the acrylic wall or lid. This means that we do not thread into acrylic; hence the risk of cracking/crazing of threads over time is non-existent. Additionally, our acrylic chamber can easily be coupled to a KF25/NW25 vacuum connection.

We offer an amazing vacuum spec on this chamber at 0.250 Torr which impressively places this chamber into medium vacuum category. The Vacuum loss rate (leak tightness) of this chamber is 50 microns per minute initially which later decreases and levels off to average about 5.25 Torr over a period of 24 hours. This chamber will not lose more than 5.25 Torr, 0.21 inHg, or 700 Pa during a period of 24 hours.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank many of our satisfied customers who over the years have helped us build better chambers by providing us with invaluable cooperation and feedback. Their inputs not only helped us improve on already fantastic chambers we were building for them, they have also improved the product quality for our future customers.

Please feel contact us with any questions you may have.

See our Acrylic Vacuum Chamber Video Gallery and Slide Show

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do with this system?
Common uses are Bubble Emission Testing, Bubble Leak Testing, Medical Package Testing, Leaks Using Bubble Emission Techniques, Leak Testing of Packages, Visual Vacuum Leak Testing, Package Integrity Testing, Package Leak Testing, Air Under Water Test, Bubble Air leak Testing, Bubble Detection Testing, Water Submersion Seal testing, Bubble Dunking Chamber, Bubble Leak Chamber, and bubble emission test for plastic bags.

2. What is the strongest vacuum that can be achieved with this unit?
The vacuum level depends on several factors. This chamber is rated at 250 microns, therefore a proper pump will enable a 250 micron vacuum on a dry chamber.

3. Do I need anything else in order to use this chamber?
No, the only thing you will need is water to fill up this chamber. Also, air or electricity depending on your system.

4. How come your chambers are better and cheaper than anything else out there? What`s the deal here?
It`s called vertical integration. We buy the acrylic material straight from the wholesaler, build-to-order the acrylic chamber in house, and sell it ourselves, effectively eliminating two middle men and a huge warehouse during this process. Not only are resources saved doing this, we also have full control over the design and manufacturing process meaning that you get the best acrylic vacuum chamber at the lowest cost and lead times.

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