Case studies demonstrating our expertise in vacuum systems design and manufacturing

Vacuum Extrusion Unit

Vacuum Extrusion

A car part manufacturer consistently experienced a problem with regards to their vacuum extrusion unit. Their vacuum extrusion chamber unit was leaking; hence they were not able to properly outgas their product. They went through several local job shops until they ultimately contacted us because they were urgently looking for ways to decrease the absolute pressure inside their vacuum extruder. SANATRON accessed the situation, designed, and built a new vacuum extrusion chamber that has worked very nicely ever since (4 years and going strong)

Hi Pot Discharge Testing

Hi Pot Discharge Testing

An aerospace supplier ran into trouble when their contractor fell through on delivering Hi-Pot cables. Our client was promised that their Hi-Pot cables would be thoroughly tested before delivery by their vendor. Well, delivery time came and their vendor was unable to design a high altitude testing system. Our client was stuck with hundreds of thousands worth of untested Hi-Pot cables. They ultimately found SANATRON who because we have the experience to design an altitude test unit capable of testing Hi-Pot cables with complex geometry.

Aerospace and Satellites Test System

Aerospace and Satellites Test System

This client found SANATRON after someone else failed to build a robust acrylic vacuum chamber. After just several cycles, the walls gave out and separated creating a leak, not to mention a safety risk. SANATRON was able to deliver a more robust vacuum chamber because of many years of design experience and quality manufacturing. Our acrylic walls are interlocked and bonded with an acrylic adhesive made from a mixture that is a trade secret. The risk of wall separation, beveling, and leakage are effectively eliminated.

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Acrylic Pressure and Vacuum Chambers
Acrylic Pressure and Vacuum Chambers are Pressure chambers that are capable of vacuum ratings that are the same vacuum rating of acrylic vacuum chambers. Keep in mind that Acrylic Pressure and Vacuum Chambers have a pressure limit of 15PSIG
Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps
Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps are used when a large amount of Volumetric Airflow is Required. Root Vacuum Pumps cannot operate independently and must be used in conjunction with another roughing pump such as Rotary Vane Pump or Piston Pump. The advantages of a Roots Vacuum Pump is that the Pumping Speed can be increased by a factor of 5 up to a factor of 10; meaning that a 20 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump can now be boosted to pump 120 CFM!
Our Work: Altitude Testing in a Vacuum Chamber
It is not a secret that you can simulate a certain altitude in a vacuum chamber. The good thing about Acrylic Vacuum Chambers is not only that you can simulate an altitude of up to 250,000 feet, you can also fully view your test specimen during your testing operation.
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Visual inspection is an attractive option because it does not require the purchase of any additional equipment. There are several arguments against Visual Inspection of heat seals; the argument against visual inspection is that visual inspection is subjective, unreliable, operator dependent, or not a valid method of inspection. However, if you have the correct training, procedures, and documentation in place, visual inspection can become a powerful tool in your quest for better packaging.