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Product Specifications

Vacuum Rating
10-6 Torr (1 microTorr)
Vacuum Loss Rate
1 Torr (0.04 inHg) in 24 hours
Inside Dimensions (inch)
30 High X 30 Wide X 30 Deep
Product Dimensions (inch)
36 High X 36 Wide X 36 Deep
Tolerance (inch)
+/- 0.125
Chamber Material
Stainless Steel
Lid Material
Stainless Steel
Buna O-Ring
Approximate Volume
27000 cubic inch - 117 Gallon - 443 Liters


Hinge Side Door, Front Loading
Door Handle
2 Clamps
Stainless Steel Chamber
Clear Acrylic Door
QTY:3 x NW25 Ports
One Year Safe Buyback Guarantee


Our Stainless-Steel vacuum chambers are robustly designed and quality built ready to be implemented into any vacuum project. This vacuum chamber is made from stainless steel body and stainless-steel door. The stainless-steel door has a High Vacuum Viewport so that you can view your chamber interior. The internal dimensions of this vacuum chamber are 30 inches Wide, 30 inches Deep, and 30 inches High. The vacuum rating for this chamber is 10-6 Torr (microTorr Range) Keep in mind that you will need the appropriate vacuum pump in order to reach the microTorr vacuum range.

The door is front loading and hinged. Included with this chamber are a robust and ergonomic Lid Handle, door hinges, two “get-out-of-the-way” toggle clamps, and three NW25 Ports. The operational range of stainless-steel vacuum chambers is -190 Degrees Celsius and +290 Degrees Celsius. In addition to a broad operational range, Stainless Steel vacuum chambers are more chemically resistant to thinners, alcohols, and acetones.

This vacuum chamber has three Quick Flange 25 (QF25) Vacuum Ports on the Right wall. One of these ports is intendent to be for your venting valve, another one was intended to be for your vacuum valve, the third QF port was intended to be for your vacuum gauge. You will have to add the valves and the gauge in addition to this chamber in order to have it operational. However, what valves and gauges you select will depend on your application. Keep in mind that we do offer connection hardware and vacuum pumps to go along with the vacuum chamber as a fully system. Feel Free to contact us if there is anything else that we can do for you.

Get your Vacuum Pump with your Vacuum Chamber!

One of the most common mistakes people make is to try to source every single part for their vacuum system themselves. The end results is either the wrong vacuum pump, the wrong connection hardware, or a sub optimal Vacuum System.

We have sourced the most appropriate vacuum pump for you so that you don’t have to. Get your vacuum chamber and vacuum pump and connection hardware for a complete vacuum system! Click here to get your Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Chamber System

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