Our Work, Part 3

Vacuum Storage of Chemicals that interact with Stainless Steel

There are countless chemicals and metals that interact with Steel or Stainless Steel. According to our investigation, Gallium, Cadmium, Beryllium, and Zinc are some examples of materials which will interact with Steel or Stainless Steel during vacuum Storage.

Nuclear Imaging Research using Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

Nuclear imaging is quickly becoming more and more sophisticated and images unimaginable twenty years ago are become reality – think about the recent image of a single atom. Nuclear imaging is detection is a highly technological field.

Submersion Leak Testing of Explosive or Volatile Products

Ever wondered how to leak test packaged volatile products? Do you know that there are countless unstable products out there that have to be leak tested as part of quality control? By volatile we mean products which ignite, explode, shatter, melt, or are hazardous. Keep in mind that hazardous material for whatever reason has be undergo quality control as well.

Altitude Testing in a Vacuum Chamber

It is not a secret that you can simulate a certain altitude in a vacuum chamber. The good thing about Acrylic Vacuum Chambers is not only that you can simulate an altitude of up to 250,000 feet, you can also fully view your test specimen during your testing operation.

Leak Quality Testing and Quality Control of Packets

Quality Control during Production runs is a very important procedure you must perform on your manufactured products. This is especially critical is you are an FDA manufacturer where regulatory compliance is important and necessary. Our Vacuum Chambers are specifically built to assist you meet your Quality Control and Regulatory compliance needs.

Seal Integrity Assessment of Coffee Bags during production Runs

Coffee is one of the most popular refreshment drinks of the world. There seems to be no end to its popularity growth. If you are a coffee processor, manufacturer, or packager, it is imperative for you to test the seal integrity of your coffee bags. The main reason is that improperly sealed coffee bags are at risk of mold development. Another reason is that a fault seal can cause the coffee to become stale.

Dye Ingress Test inside a Transparent Test Chamber

Dye ingress is most commonly used as a container closing integrity test in order to quality test sterile products. This test is mostly done in the Pharmaceutical Industry or Medical Packaging Industry as means to test for product defects in rigid container. It is based on the concepts set forth by the ASTM 4991 and used as a seal integrity test. In addition to rigid containers, blister packs and heat-sealed trays, can also be tester in accordance to this method.

Bubble Emission System used in Production Quality Testing of Blister Packs

Blister Packs are a type of Preformed Plastic packaging mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. For packaging pills or medication. We have also seen blister packs used in the medical device industry (for packing surgical tools or bio-implants) and electronics industry (packaging of microchips).

ASTM D6653 or D6653M in a Transparent Vacuum Chamber

The ASTM D6653 or ASTM D6653M is a standard test used to determine how the effects of higher altitude will affect package integrity. As you know, altitude can be simulated inside a vacuum chamber by altering absolute pressure to correspond to a specific altitude.

Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chamber System for Biotech Instrumentation Engineering Design

Vacuum Chambers are commonly used to perform experiments on Biotech instrumentation and chemistry; including PCR essays and bioreagents. The field of Molecular Biology Diagnostics has seen tremendous growth over the past several decades. The latest developments in Biotech are simply remarkable.

Satisfy the Requirements for ASTM D4169-16 Distribution Cycle 13 Test

The aforementioned ASTM 4169-16 test consists of: Shock / Drop, Compression, Vibration, Low Pressure Exposure, Impact. The acrylic vacuum chamber will be able to meet the Low-Pressure Exposure part of this test.

Storage of Sensitive Sensors in Nitrogen inside a Vacuum and Pressure Chamber

There are many components which react adversely to air. Silicon Wafers are one example. Other examples include Silicon Based Sensors or Gallium Based Detectors. Conversely, medical devices and products may also have a need to be stored either in a vacuum environment or an oxygen free environment.

Custom Vacuum Chamber for Biomedical Instrumentation in Molecular Biology

Have you ever had the need to run your electronics inside a vacuum environment? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Our client had the need to power several electronic items and instruments inside a vacuum environment and had a need to plug the instrumentation into a electrical wall socket and then test these while pulling a vacuum. Conversely, our client planned on performing additional liquid and gas phase experimentation which is why they needed two electrical plugs.

Clear Chamber for Automotive Components Production Testing

It is vital to perform Production Quality Control testing on Automotive components during manufacturing. Our Client used the chamber above to perform tests on several automotive components coming of the production line.

The chamber you are looking at is about 12 inch Wide, 18 inches Deep, and 20 inches High. This is a custom design and slight modification from our regular front load, hinged door model. Our Client was also looking to connect and run electricity from the outside towards the inside of the chamber and wanted to keep the vacuum constant. An electrical vacuum feedthrough allows the operator to run electrical signals into the chamber without compromising the vacuum levels. The feedthrough will work even at low or high vacuum testing operations.

Seal Leak Testing of Pet Food with our ASTM 3078 System

Did you know that you can quality test your pet food by using our bubble leak testing system? I am not sure if pet food is subject to FDA regulation. As far as a quick google search goes, FDA ensures that pet food is safe and that it serves the intended function. In order to for the manufacturer to produce safe pet food, it must be tested for seal quality and container closure. We don’t want our newly adopted best friend to be eating spoiled food. The question is: would your newly adopted dog tell you that the food she’s eating tastes spoiled? And two, let’s be real here, who do you think adopted who in the first place :)?

Toxicology Experiments performed with Acrylic Pressure and Vacuum Chamber

There are several occasions when you will have to perform toxicology experimentation on your engineered systems. One of them is on aerospace components and subassemblies intended to be installed on spaceships and airplanes. During spaceflight, humans exhale carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other gasses which can become deadly if the concentration reaches above 5%. There are also other deadly gasses which also accumulate and must be accounted for in order to ensure safe flight.