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Over the years we have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on the most amazing engineering endeavors. Many of our projects are custom made to incredible requirements. We pride ourselves with engineering excellence, clever designs, quality, and impeccable workmanship. We are well respected among industry professionals and scholars. If you are looking for an expert in the vacuum industry, we would like to have the opportunity to work with you. You will be astonished to learn what we can accomplish together.

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Bubble Leak Testing System with a Dry off Sink used for Leak Testing Large Bags

How do you leak test Large Food Bags? This is the same question a Large Food and Beverage Processor had asked themselves because they had need for a bubble leak testing system which could be used to detect presence of leaks in their large bags. Their requirements were to test several sized bags with the largest bag being 24 inches Wide by 12 inch Deep by 9 inches High. In addition to the bubble leak testing system, they also needed a way to dry the bags after the test.

Pressure and Vacuum Chamber used for Calibration of Weather Stations across the US

Have you ever wondered how the weather forecast works? You must admit; the weathermen (or weatherwoman) have become a whole lot more accurate over time. 10 years ago, the weather forecast was not as accurate as it is today. Part of the reason is that we have better forecasting technology as in more powerful computers who crunch numbers faster to out a most likely scenario. Another reason is that mathematics, physics, and science has progressed. The main reason however, is that we have better tools and equipment.

Custom Vacuum Chamber with Blank Plate

You are looking at our standard Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, Hinged Door with Clamps. There is only one difference; this vacuum chamber has a blank acrylic plate that is connected to and aluminum plate which in turn is anchored to the side wall of the acrylic vacuum chamber. This blank plate is there to enable our client to add vacuum feedthroughs to the side wall in the future

Research, Development, and Testing of Weather Balloons inside a Clear Vacuum Chamber

A wonderful company (more like one of the best companies in the world) which is currently involved with the research, development, and testing of high-altitude weather balloons, had a need for a vacuum chamber capable of achieving about 100 micro Torr (Micron) of ultimate Pressure for their testing environment. Fortunately, acrylic vacuum chambers are the perfect choice when it comes to Low, Rough, and Medium Vacuum.

Electronic Component Testing of Satellites at High Altitudes

Electronic Components of Satellites behave differently in outer space as compared to how these behave at sea level. How do you know that your satellite will survive outer space? How do you confirm that your circuit boards will function properly at higher altitudes? There is only one way to find out, and that is to test and validate your design.

Vacuum Chambers for the Development of Electro-Optical Imaging Products

Electro-Optical Imaging Products have slowly become an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. The simplest electro optical imaging product is the camera hardware and optics in our smart phones. The word “simplest” is actually used as a relative term here because our smart phone cameras are amazing technology. There are more sophisticated Electro-Optical systems which are build through the utilization of nanocrystals / nanomaterials to be deployed as a detection tool as a defense against chemical and biological threats.

Aerospace Applications of Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers are a great tool for the aerospace engineer because these enable her to simulate altitudes by converting it to absolute pressure. Another reason vacuum chambers are useful to the aerospace engineer is because a wide array of vacuum testing can be performed. A lot of these test are specific to the test protocol or the component to be tested. The test themselves are proprietary which is why sometimes we do not have a good handle on what exactly our clients are looking to do.

Medical Device Product and Package Examination in a Large Vacuum Chamber

Medical Devices are products such as syringes, catheters, pacemakers, and other electronics fabricated for the therapeutic medical purposes. All Medical Devices produced and sold in the US must be regulatory compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Failure to comply with the FDA can lead to severe consequences. If you were to ask me what the purpose of the FDA is in one sentence it would be: “The Purpose of the FDA is to protect the end user from harm”.

Regardless of your stance on regulation, whether we have too much or too little; there is one fact we can both agree upon: We want our medical devices to be quality products and thoroughly tested. No patient ever walked into the operating room and said: “Give me the crappiest Heart Lung Machine you got!”

Heat Seal Integrity Testing of Prepared Food Products

If you are a food manufacturer, it is important for you to properly seal your product prior to shipment to customer. There are several reasons why you must have a good integrity of seal when sealing your food products. The first and foremost is the safety of your end user. The second is the safety of your business and bottom line.

This customer came to us because “The end user was receiving packages containing ants in it” They had sprayed their plant several times but the complaints kept coming. They contacted us because we not only supply packaging advice and package testing systems, but also because we are the experts when it comes to food package safety. As serendipity has it, at the time of their call, we had one of our design engineers visiting another client of ours who happened to be in the same city. We sent him to take a look at their plants and to look for ants.

Acoustic Equipment Research Utilizing a Vacuum Chamber

A hearing aid company designs, manufactures, and assembles sophisticated acoustic parts such as special microphones and speakers. In order to test the microphone and speakers which go into hearing aid jigs, as well as fully assembled hearing aids, it is imperative to know at which point the failure happens. Does the failure happen due to elevation or due to improperly designed and built hardware or software?

Chemical Vacuum Experiments on Gasses and Liquids

Did you know that gasses and liquids and even solids behave differently at different absolute pressures? For Example, water will start to boil at a lower and lower temperature as the pressure is decreased. Water can boil at room temperature if the pressure is decreased to 20 Torr of absolute pressure. Other phenomenon which can happen is that materials can fuse together or weld in high vacuum.

Vacuum Chamber and Pump for MIL-STD-202G Test Method 105G

Did you know that you can use an Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, a vacuum pump, and a digital vacuum gauge to perform Altitude Testing of Batteries and Capacitors according to the MIL Standards 202G, Test Method 105G? The Department of Defense developed a wide array of testing and operating procedures in the 1950 and 1960 which are called “MIL Standards”

Water Resistance and Leak Testing with a Portable Vacuum and Pressure Chamber System

An acrylic vacuum and pressure chamber can also be used for water resistance testing as well. If you fill up your vacuum chamber with water and then submerge a testing device into water. If you then pressurize this chamber by applying up to 15psi of pressure, you have now simulated a water depth of 33 feet, or 10 meters, or 1 ATM. Congratulations, you have enabled yourself a wide array of water resistance testing procedures such as the IP65, IP67, IPx7, IPx8, and 1 ATM. How about some bubble emission testing? Yes, it can do that too.

Canned Food Seal and Seam Integrity QC utilizing a Vacuum Chamber

Did you know that canned food seam strength and integrity testing can be performed in an acrylic vacuum chamber? The setup is simple vacuum system; all you need is a vacuum pump with a vacuum chamber. We have made several of these systems before. As you can see, the elbow pointing upwards is a NW 50 vacuum connection which connects to a high CFM vacuum pump. We have done several of these types of chambers of the years.

Package Quality Control of Nutritional Supplement

Did you know that canned food seam strength and integrity testing can be performed in an acrylic vacuum chamber? The setup is simple vacuum system; all you need is a vacuum pump with a vacuum chamber. We have made several of these systems before. As you can see, the elbow pointing upwards is a NW 50 vacuum connection which connects to a high CFM vacuum pump. We have done several of these types of chambers of the years.

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